LFW – Fashion Scout

I’m sorry it took awhile, with all the sorting through and editing I had to go through for this post and well work, it was a never ending flow of photo editing. Well, I got to spend most of my first day at London Fashion Week watching designers from Fashion Scout.There were a couple of designers I had my eye on ever since we got the invite. JS Shin, Gyo Yuni Kimchoe, Typical Freaks and Jamie Wei Huang were definitely the ones I had anticipated the most and they didn’t disappoint!! Anita Hirlekar and Leaf Xia both caught me by surprise during the show. The downside was how stuffy the room was with all the people and lack of ventilation but like always, I forget everything once the lights go out, the spotlight shines and the first girl walks out.

*Click on the thumbnail to see the full runway pictures from each designer.*

Jamie Wei Huang
From the clean lines made from contrasting red and blue with white to the awesome devil print and super cute back packs which I so desire, the entire collection was seriously my ultimate favourite next to Typical Freaks; both of which I have to have every, ok almost every piece from the entire collection if I wasn’t monetarily challenged. One of pieces I have totally fallen for is their red flared dress which you can see on the 2nd row on the left. I need it, probably with every other piece from her that came out on the runway that day.

Gyo Yuni Kimchoe
From the invite and prior research done, I was really looking forward to this runway the most. It wasn’t more so the wear-ability of each garment I cared about but the inspiration and their interpretation. It was interesting how they started out with more commercial pieces and transcended into this Chinese monk donned in bright colours. Strangely enough, even with the more commercial pieces, you could still see a similarity with these avant garde ones. The off shoulder and chinese-esque prints/layering was definitely a common trend and if you haven’t guessed it yet, their inspiration was taken from the chinese monks which I’d say was an interesting choice for Spring/Summer since the overall atmosphere during the runway was powerful and heavy.

Lulu Liu
Contemporary fabric manipulations. My all time favourite from the collection was the black tie dress in the top center and the red dress that too got everyones attention on the top right. Most of her pieces, or you could even say all her pieces are wear-able. It was a pretty straight forward collection if you ask me, the detail lie in the beading, fabric manipulation and weaving and occasional print.

JS Shin
This was one of the more inspiring collections I saw. I particularly love his use of the sheer fabric and contrast colours. This may seem trivial but I believe that colour and silhouette are what catches the eye first before the detail and if both are lacking, no amount of detail and spectacular sewing is going to save it. JS Shin definitely has a really good eye for colour, I think that was what stood out the most for me. He got the colours so right, down to the next to the garment details itself. The colours were so spot on that everything came into place. And while everyone knows I love my navy with orange combo, the silver and red won me over this time.

Anita Hirlekar
I didn’t know what to expect from Anita Hirlekar besides texture. Her collection made me really glad I was sitting in the front row. It was amazing how from up close, the amount of work she must have put into each piece. There is no words to describe it. It is one you have to see up close to know. None the less, my favourite one of all was the the last dress on the bottom right. It’s just me being bias to her use of colour and fringe that I really love, especially when it was walking down the runway.

Leaf Xia
My love for her silhouette on the top right. I’m a sucker for side profiles when it comes to fashion. Anything long, oversize and cocoon shaped always makes me weak. Maybe its that designer part of me calling. The contrast of primary colours and white reminded me a bit of those basketball/netball courts we had in school and it was also cool how it formed a noticeable face at the back. The transition to floral was also interesting and I wish I had the images to show you as she went from bold colours and thick white lines to layers of sheer bold colours that morphed from lines to flowers into these floral prints you seem below. None the less, I love those white and blue striped sandals she used for her collection.

Typical Freaks
I wish I had more pictures for this collection. The aftermath of realizing you were too engrossed into each look that you forgot to take photos is highly upsetting. My love for all things edgy, street and pastel shines again. Typical Freaks is like Lazy Oaf, only more intricate and edgy while still being fun. I loved the mood they set and even their logo. They’ve definitely found a new fan. PS. I so desperately need that paddle pop coloured knitted sweater on the bottom left. Yes it is paddle pop coloured. For those who don’t know, paddle pop is an ice cream which we used to get in Singapore. I don’t know if we still have it though…


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