Revival – 遊びましょう

DSC_0602 DSC_0604 DSC_0627 (2) DSC_0598

Designed by Sharley L.
Model: Lucy Feng

By now you’d probably guessed by love for the dark arts and the occult. Along with horror and thirller movies. This is no exception. I was re-watching American Horror Story (AHS) at the start of the semester to get into the mood of things since the project was Alexander McQueen based and I had this vision during the credits of the first season Murder House; which by the way is my favourite. Probably next to Coven only because of Misty Days. And in the opening they had this shot which cuts into 3 men in those KKK outfits or maybe inspired outfits in the forest looking all “scary” and that’s what it was. I think by far this might be the most controversial inspiration I’ve ever had. Well at least to some.

I wanted to bring that feel I saw in that shot together with Coven. Something dangerously beautiful yet mysterious but still modern day street. I’m a sucker for for such creepily innocently dangerous things and so the name roughly translates to ‘Come Play with Me’ kind of like 20th Century Boy with the whole Tomodachi thing going on or more so inspired by one of the most famous scenes from ‘The Shining’ a movie which is one of my all time favorite classics.

And yes, if you haven’t already guessed it, the outer is denim. Another thing I’m a sucker for. I love designing with denim and I don’t think this was any exception.


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