Young Minds

Boxy Striped Shirt: Editor’s Market
Vanity Case: Zara
Creepers: T.U.K
With ‘Empty’ playing throughout the office, 
I take myself back to my younger days and wonder 
what happened and where the time had gone. 
A lot of ‘grown up’ things have been happening recently now that I’m back in London. It’s times like this where I miss not having to handle so many things in life.
Everything just seemed to all come at once and I don’t know how everyone seems to be handling it better than me. 
 Unfortunately life hasn’t been kind in many other aspects as well and this may seem like my paranoia but I do have some thought that it could be due to many factors which I shall not mention.
On a lighter note, if you follow me on instagram, you’ll probably have seen a small section of my new room; one that I’m rather proud of honestly. It definitely took a whole lot of planning to get it done but moving into a new place is a whole lot of work that some times I regret not coming back early.
♫ Empty – Winner

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