Money on My Mind

DSC_0189DSC_0164DSC_0006 (1)DSC_0092 (2)DSC_0036
Andy Warhol X Uniqlo Tank: Uniqlo
Studded Army Jacket: Topshop
Vanity Case: Zara
Coyote Rib Necklace: bonejewlry
Eagle Skull Silver Ring: Topshop
Back where it all began. 
It’s been about almost of a month since I’ve been back in my home country and everything feels so foreign. Many things have changed but it feels good to be back.
I’ve also managed to add a few more necklaces to my jewelry collection. Mainly bone necklaces like this one which I’ve been treating with slightly more care than the others since they’re real. It’s one of my few weaknesses honestly.
On a side note, I’ve been braiding my hair a lot more frequently since I came back. My love for the black and red crossing each other, showing just hints of red thanks to my growing hair. The warmth here too was partly an excuse but what was the harm mixing it up a little right?
♫ Money On My Mind – Sam Smith

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