Foiled Nails.


I bought some metal leaf a while ago as I saw some nail art that had used gold metal leaf (it seemed like they did). I saw some in an art store and bought it on impulse (who could walk away from it? It’s so pretty!). They actually had 2 kinds of metal foils one was leaf (sheet) and the other was flakes- I bought the rose gold metal flakes (I LOVE rose gold so I could not resist) and the gold metal leaf. The metal foils are very delicate and break easily so you have to handle them very gently. I did not put them on wet polish as it sticks easily to anything, once you have arranged it however you like, gently pat them in and they won’t move.

I recently discovered a top coat with gold flakes in it, kind of pricey but it saves you the hassle of using the foil. It is the O.P.I Mariah Carey Pure which is simply tiny 18k gold flakes suspended in the transparent nail polish and it’s a good alternative to foil. The outcome is very different from using the foil method as it looks so much more sophisticated. Using the foil is edgier and gives off a very minimal effect when used on white polish.


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