The Book Line Up I.

A little series that features a couple of books I’m gonna be reading the next few weeks.

q-21 (1)

From top to bottom: One Day, The Eyre Affair, The New Hunger.

dsc018321 (1) dsc018341 (1) dsc018291 (1)

If you are interested in other books that I have read or want to read you can check them out here on my GoodReads Page. I mainly rate the books 3-5 stars (3 being worth reading and 5 being a must read). I don’t really write reviews on the books but I will try to if something about the books pops in my head, also, I never rate books 1 or 2 stars as I tend not to finish reading a book if I lose interest in it so rating it would be giving false opinion on the whole book.


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