A little black magic never hurts anyone

DSC_0293 I’ve always been a huge fan of witchcraft and magic. No, not the fairy-tale kind but the dark, black magic voodoo kind and since it was that time of year again where I catch myself repetitively wearing the same rings and necklaces over and over that I realize how I never really spend on accessories or just jewelry for that matter. So I stopped by tons of shops and without a doubt had so much trouble finding the type of design and style I wanted. So I did the next best thing! To search online of course.
DSC_0210 “The Orb”
DSC_0224 “Mirror Mirror”
“Cosmic Pendulum”
From top to bottom, “Baby bones”, “Red Ruby”, “Bolted”
In order, Lovisa, Regalrose, & Other Stories
I’m so in love with their pieces!! I’m now back on the hunt for 1 final piece, another chunky necklace. I wonder where I can find one that isn’t so glittery or hugely embellished with stones that I fear of getting robbed over a fake gem each day.
Of course, with the whole dark magic in mind, I just had to do something special to my makeup to fit the theme.
Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Soft Beige
Canmake concealer
Rimmerl “Wake Me Up” Concealer
Urban Decay Naked 2, Tease
Urban Decay Smoked, Backdoor, Rockstar, Blackout
Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow, Daemon
Kate, Super sharp liner
Maybeline, Volume Express Lift-Up Mascara
Bourjois, Delice de Soleil Bronzing Powder
Mac Shimmer blush, Breezy
Urban Decay Smoked, Rockstar
Kate, Designing Eyebrow N
Now that I actually list out the products I used for each section, gosh that’s a long list. But hey, it was fun creating a look for this. I used mainly the browns for the smokey eye and the purple, red and black for the design detailing. I also used the feathering to draw out the flow of the “wave?” to give it more dimension. Surprisingly, I added a bit of Rockstar, the purple from my Smoked palette onto my cheeks to give it more depth and less red/pink/brown but you can’t really see it in the pictures.
On a side note, I’m so busy with school that there’s been hardly anytime to even relax. Though I’m putting AHS Coven, Criminal Minds before work since it’s something I can’t go a week without, now that I’ve finished the latest season of Face Off.

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